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Mohammad Shakil (Muslims,Khan Family from Bihar,India) is a technocrat, Businessman, Motivational, Educationist ,5 Books Authors ( Still under review for publication) and Philanthropist in Indian and Saudi Arabia.

Early life and education

Mohammad Shakil ( Muslims, Khan Family) was born on 10th April 1971 in a village called Phulaut (District town: Madhepura),State Bihar,India and in 1971 this village was not properly developed even though basic facilities were also not available like electricity and telephone as well as educational institutions and this area is called as low land or flooded area and almost half of year completely lock down from water where everything will be effected and till now situation almost same.

Personal Family Life

Shaki married Dr.Nawazinda Mohammad Ali Fangari in 15th August 2006. They have one son, Master Nuaym Mohammad Shakil studying in 9th standard from Interhigh UK e education.

Mohammad Shakil

Born 10th April 1971

Phulout, Madepura, Bihar, India

Nationality Indian

Education M.Tech(computer)

Occupation CEO & Co-Founder

Organization NTT GROUPS

Known for Businessman

Spouse(s) Dr.Nawazinda Fangari ​

Children Nuaym Mohammad Shakil

Website www.about.mshakil.info


Email shakil@nttgroups.com


Cell +966549991004

WhatsApp +966503173972

Eng.Mohammad Shakil Malaz Riyadh