History With Nawazinda Groups

History with Nawazinda Groups

NTT Groups (Nawazinda Total Technologies)

Joined, Served and achieved in the Nawazinda Groups.

Established Nawazinda Groups in Saudi Arabia as Co-Founder and General Manager(GM)/Chief Executive officer (CEO) in 2008 and Co-Founder and Vice President(VP),International Business of WBG (world business groups) and Director of Radiant Global Technologies and NTT Groups.

Achievement in the Nawazinda Groups.

Under Nawazinda Groups (NG) Saudi Arabia having three prime companies under SAGIA (Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority) and now new name of SAGIA is MISA (Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia ) and started from 2 employees to reached 355 employees and under the supervision of Mohammad Shakil with 355 staff members including management and field employees with 20 contractors 5 local cities rolled out and worked experience as vender 6 major and multinational companies and total projects rolled out value $55 million from June 2008 till May 2021 and now NG presence 22 countries (direct or indirect establishment)