Early Life

Early life

Mohammad Shakil ( Muslims, Khan Family) was born on 10th April 1971 in a village called Phulaut (District town: Madhepura),State Bihar,India and in 1971 this village was not properly developed even though basic facilities were also not available like electricity and telephone as well as educational institutions and this area is called as low land or flooded area and almost half of year completely lock down from water where everything will be effected and till now situation almost same.

Family Background


His father Mohammad Aiyub Khan (by profession telecom Engineer) and mother Bibi Mushtaqima Khatun (housewife) Grandfather(father’s side) Mohammad Ishaque Khan(famous local businessman) a village called Sitanabad,Simri-Bakhtiarpur , Distic Saharsa,india

He was the 2nd son and 2nd child of Mohammad Aiyub Khan with 3 brothers and 2 sisters and his father passed away in 2021 and elder brother also passed away.

Grand Father (Mother’s Side)

Grandfather(Mother’s side) Mohammad Tohid Khan(famous Landlord/landowner & businessman) a village called phulaut (District town: Madhepura),State Bihar,India

Mohammad Tohid Khan had 2 children (one son and one daughter) and son passed away at age of 12 years after that his mother Bibi Mushtaqima she is alone daughter of Mohammad Tohid Khan and she decided to stay in Phulaut (District town: Madhepura),State Bihar,India


That's the reason he(Mohammad Shakil) spent childhood in a village called as phulaut (District town: Madhepura),State Bihar,India till class 8th standard (School having no proper seating facilities and table and even no proper washroom) after that move to Katihar (because his father was posted there as telecom engineer in NF Railway)