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Brief About NTT/NG


NAWAZINDA TOTAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (Formerly Known as Electronics Enterprises) is a group of companies known as "NTT GROUPS '' with elite and valued clients spread across the  globe including India and GCC. The company was established in the year 1991, experiencing and extending with diversification of company business, now the company stands as a group of companies.


NAWAZINDA TOTAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (NTT) is a part of "NAWAZINDA GROUPS (NG)" of companies and "NTT" is serving in 22 countries including United kingdom more than thirty years and started and based from India and later head office shifted to UK (United kingdom) London with privilege of 12 vertex/domain companies as well as 17 IT Application as a virtual platform and out of this WBG (WORLD BUSINESS GROUPS) is virtual and physical platform for all kind business fraternity and WBG having privilege of 33 vertex/domain/division/wings companies globally with 2000 elite members in 65 countries members.


NTT expanded in GCC with 7 countries including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with name of  NAWAZINDA TELECOM TECHNOLOGIES CO.LIMITED office at Riyadh with vast national & international experience gearing up to play leading role in the field of computer software & hardware solution,Telecommunication (Land & wireless infrastructure )  and general contracting services including telecom construction, installation and maintenance, installation and commissioning of GSM system as well as civil, electrical works, building constructions and maintenance, Consultancy and Engineering Service, etc.

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Company Nawazinda Total Technologies Limited

Company Public Limited company (Not yet Listed)

CIN U74900DL2009PLC195708

    (Certificate of Incorporation Number)

Established 25th June 1991

    Katihar, Bihar, India

Established Country Indian

Currently Head office United Kingdom (UK)

Formerly Known as Electronics Enterprises

Industries Business Networking ,Telecom, IT, Application, Engineering,

    Consultancy , Construction, 

    Green Energy , Education ,

    Plastic Pipe Manufacturing

Organization NTT GROUPS

Prepare for Listing IPO (India and UK)

Share Available Pre IPO share available @ $ 1.00

Present Evaluation USD $ 30 Million including products

Presence 22 Countries/Multinational 

Groups Turnover $ 100 million 

Website Nawazinda Groups 

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Cell +966549991004

WhatsApp +966503173972

Groups CEO business card

Eng.Mohammad Shakil business card

Mohammad Shakil(CEO/MEA)

Radiant Global Total Technologies

(Director Groups)

Nawazinda Telecom Technologies,

Dabab Street, P. O. Box-220089,

Riyadh - 11311, Saudi Arabia.

Phone: +966 1 403 1268,

Cell # : +966 549991004,+966 508360175



Skype ID - nttriyadh 

What apps- +966-549991004/+966-503173972